66. A Car Guy in Costa Rica: Yearly Inspection

Thursday 2/17 – Today started off the same way Monday-Wednesday did, but today Ramie only worked down at the house for about half of the day. He made it through a lot of what he could do and now was waiting for other people to get work done before he could keep going with his projects. He also had an appointment with Randall this evening to go get our car inspected. Dog Car Check GIF from Dog Car Check GIFs What? Car inspected? What do you mean? Well, here in Costa Rica, every year or 2 (depending on the age and type of vehicle you have) you have to get your car inspected for what they call Riteve. The month you have to do it in is based on the last number of your license plate and ours is due by the end of March. You have to have an appointment to get this done, so sometimes planning ahead by a few weeks isn’t a bad idea. Randall, the car guy that has been helping us out with car things (and also the same guy who helped us pick up our appliances and handles the warehouse where our t

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