130. A Pup’s Trip To The Beach

Bbeach Day Chilling GIF from Bbeach Day GIFs After the excitement of cows in the yard, I’ll admit, we’ve had a pretty uneventful next few weeks which, in turn, leads to boring blogging. If your not sure what we are talking about you can read about it by clicking here -----> Holy Cows Friday 8/11- The morning started with a turtle walk for Ramie. They found 1 nest this morning and his team is on week number 5 of finding at least one nest on each walk. I wonder how long their streak will last before they get skunked. We’ll be sure to keep you updated in the coming weeks! So far, for Ramie’s 2 walks since I fixed his backpack for the 2nd time, he hasn’t had any issues, so my fingers are crossed that this last repair will last a while!! I had a normal workday today so nothing exciting to talk about there, which was fine by me given the excitement of the cows yesterday!! This evening Geoff and Tracy wanted to go out to celebrate my birthday, and of course we were happy to go and hang

104. Down with the sickness, and visitors

103. VACATION! Our First One in Over 1.5 Years!