72. Our First Guests Week Two

I will admit, and they will probably agree, that Taylor and Dylan are pretty low-key guests. Yes, they wanted to do a little bit of sight-seeing & souvenir shopping, but they both seemed perfectly content spending a couple of hours at the beach and spending the rest of the day lounging around the pool. Dylan was enjoying his bottle of Jamison and Taylor (not much of a drinker) was enjoying trying the different pre-made beverages in a can that they sell here. Dylan mentioned several times that his goal was just to go back to the frozen tundra with some color. The going joke was that red is an acceptable color to go back with. Tan Little More Color GIF from Tan GIFs Before they came down here Taylor and Dylan were tasked with finding a few things that they wanted to do while they were here, but they didn't really do too much research. While sitting around one evening, they were checking out a tourist map of the area that we happened to have at the house and they found inform

23. Broken Promises and Mother Nature

22. The Battle of the Properties

21. Attorneys, Police, and Finger Printing

20. A Lucky Break & More Good News

19. The Good News Came First...

18. Checking Out the Big Property

17. Time to Work--- A Little Bit!

16. Our American- Costa Rican Mentors