115. Fish On!

via GIPHY Tuesday 3/28- Today we have a post completely from Ramie's perspective  I was scrolling on Facebook this evening and saw a posting for an open seat on a fishing trip that leaves right out of Uvita. I was a little surprised because that is not something that you see posted very often. I often see tour companies offering a day of offshore fishing for a group, but to see someone saying there is an open seat is not common. I pondered on it for a while and then mentioned to Dana that I was thinking about sending a message to the person to ask for details. She told me to go for it because at least then I would have a little bit more information to base a decision from. The guy quickly replied saying that he is looking for a “crew” to go out and try to find Tuna and Mahi Mahi. We are just coming into season where they will be much easier to find, but they don’t know where they are right now and he wants to get a jump on the competition tours. There was a fee involved but it w

8. BUGS!!!!! (written by Ramie)

The last thing that you just read probably made you think we just enjoyed an evening on the veranda. But we may have forgotten to mention BUGS.


After it gets dark, the bugs come out. I know, we’re used to mosquitos coming out as it gets dark in MN, but in addition to the mosquitos, there are bigger, scarier bugs here. During our past vacations we have witnessed huge cicadas, other beetle type bugs, giant grasshoppers, and all sorts of crazy bugs coming out after dark, so we knew that once it was about dusk it was time to head inside and close all of the screens!

Walking Stick

Praying Mantis


Giant Red Wing Grasshopper


It’s also not uncommon to have bugs in your house. After all, it is the tropics and there is no lack of bugs in Costa Rica! While getting ready for bed our first night in the house Dana squished an ant that came out from under the cabinet in the bathroom. Then another, and another, and they just kept coming out one by one. Its almost like they know they just lost a soldier so they came out one at a time looking for the previous one. So, she called me to come into the bathroom to take a look. I got the flashlight out and looked under the small opening at the base of the cabinet as ant after ant was still coming out. What I saw was crazy!!! It appeared to be a hoard of ants. Hundreds, if not thousands, slightly smaller than carpenter ants back in MN. So, we go look in the cupboards to see if there is any bug spray here and we hit the jackpot. There are two cans under the kitchen sink, so I grab them. One is for flies, ants, and other creepy crawlies. The other is for scorpion’s and cockroaches. Oh, great I hope to not need that can anytime soon!! I take the ant spray and aim it under the cabinet the best I can. As I am spraying it ants come running out from under the cabinet, and if I had ant hearing I bet I could hear the coughs and screams. They started dying immediately. Dang, this is some good stuff! I’ve never seen anything like it in the US. Of course, that means it is probably bad for humans as well. Oh well, this stuff is working great and every one of them is now dead! WOW that was a lot of ants! 


Note to self, find where they are coming into the house and try to stop them. Hahahahaha (or as they say here jajajajajaja). Yeah right, that’s like trying to plug a hole in the dam with your finger! What do the days ahead mean for our bug encounters??? Well, we will find out! One day at a time and remember, this is all part of the adventure!
Another variety of grasshopper

Some sort of beetle

Banana Spider


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    1. Hahaha, Sorry its just part of what we have to deal with. Most of them are quite fun to watch!


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