3. A Vacation Day

Well, before we got to the first big step of living here, we got to relax. Sunday morning 5/30, we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, sat around, enjoyed the pool area (didn’t actually swim though. Also- this hotel is so dog friendly that even Breeze could sit out here with us, she couldn’t go in the pool), went for plenty of walks around the hotel with Breeze, and just enjoyed the day.

The weather was pleasantly cool and little to no humidity, which we were not expecting. In the evening if there was a little bit if a breeze it almost felt chilly! We left Breeze at the hotel to nap (we put her in the kennel again just because this was a new place and didn’t want her to do anything stupid) and walked to a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away for dinner where we had some fantastic fajitas. When we were on our way back to the hotel, walking through the parking lot we heard the most sorrowful and pathetic dog cry ever… that can’t be Breeze, she doesn’t do that!! Sure enough, we walk into the front door and the woman at the desk asks if we are in room 6. Yep, that’s us. She said that Breeze had been crying for a while now and other guests were getting concerned. Crap!! I guess putting her in her kennel didn’t stop her from doing anything stupid! We went to the room and there she was, very upset that we had left her. Maybe she’s just really sick of her kennel? We left her out of the kennel, brought her for a walk, and went back to the hotel. She seemed fine but let’s test this out again. This time we just put her in the room, not in her kennel, and went to the hotel restaurant for a drink. After a little while she started crying again, which we could hear from the restaurant which was just a few doors down the hall from our room. Really?!? Breeze never had separation anxiety like this before. Did the long flight wreck her? Did we break our dog? What are we going to do tomorrow when we are gone all day car shopping?

The waitress at the restaurant is a dog lover, she offered to babysit Breeze during the day, but she did have to work in the morning & the evening. The hours didn’t quite work out… we needed a different option. We spoke to the gal at the front desk, and she was able to find a dog sitter nearby. We could drop Breeze off in the morning and pick her up when we were done car shopping. Well, this is the only real good option right now, so let’s do it. I texted the guy, he said no problem, and we scheduled a taxi ride for the next morning.


I want to take a second here to talk about the hotel, the Adventure Inn. Originally we chose this hotel 1) because they allowed dogs more than 25 lbs (even most “dog friendly” hotels are only friendly to small dogs). 2) because we could schedule a van-sized airport shuttle to get us, Breeze, and all of our luggage to the hotel without any hassle. 3) because it was very fairly priced. 4) it had a restaurant, and since we didn’t have a car these first few days, that was a necessity!

Honestly, I don’t usually think too much about a hotel again after our stay as long as it was clean and at least reasonably comfortable for the few nights I was staying there, but this one really stood out!

This is not an American chain or a large fancy hotel, this is a comfortable Costa Rican style hotel. There are hand painted murals on every wall, the rooms and furniture are simple but comfortable, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the food is authentic. By the end of our first full day there, we already knew that if we were ever in need of a hotel in San Jose again or if anyone we know is looking for a recommendation on where to stay, we will always tell them about the Adventure Inn (and no, we didn’t get paid to say that).