136. The First Two Weeks With Taylor

Omg Shes Here GIF from Omg GIFs Saturday 10/14- If you remember our last blog post, Taylor has arrived for her nearly month-long stay with us, and she arrived just in time for a super cool event. You may remember hearing all of the hype about the “ring of fire” eclipse that came through the Western half of the US, well, that same ring-of-fire eclipse would be visible from the Eastern coast of Costa Rica. We are on the Western coast, so we wouldn’t have that full ring of fire experience but it would still be about 90% visible from our vantage point. It was scheduled to happen right at noon today, but as our luck would have it, at around 10am it started clouding over. I kept my hopes up that it would clear out by noon, but unfortunately by 11:00 the sky was full clouds and it was raining. Ramie even got his welding helmet out and ready for us to use to look at it. As noon came closer, I kept looking up at the sky in the hopes that the clouds would clear just enough to catch a glimpse o

1. Welcome to our new life

This blog is mostly written by me, I’m Dana (the brains), with some guest appearances from my husband Ramie (the bruan). Breeze is our 9 year old black lab who we were lucky to be able to bring with us on this adventure. Its intent is to let our very curious family and friends know what is going on in our lives now that we have moved to Costa Rica. If you are not one of these family members or friends, don’t worry, you are more then welcome to read about our adventures as well. Please know, however, that this is not a guide on how to move to Costa Rica, or even what to expect when you move to Costa Rica, this is simply just OUR experiences. Also, please know that I am not a professional writer, editor, or anything of the sort and this is the first blog I’ve ever posted. If you find grammar errors or bad writing, I don’t need to know about it, just keep right on reading (or don’t… it’s completely up to you!) Also, I plan to update the look/layout of this blog as I discover it needs updating, so I’m sorry if things look kind of terrible right now, I’m learning and it will hopefully get better as I go.

I hope you enjoy reading our story, and if you do enjoy it, please feel free to share it with a friend or leave a comment.


  1. Mike here: Keep on sharing. People like to live vicariously through adventures we all want to take or wish we could take. okay, maybe I'm just speaking for myself. You have a fan here.

  2. Thanks for the blog, enjoy your experience as you do this crazy adventure. Enjoy the surprises that happen along the way. Best of luck to you both. Keep updating.


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