97. Another Week and a Half in Our Lives

Greys Anatomy Meredith Grey GIF from Greys Anatomy GIFs Sunday 9/18- Whether it is work-work or home-work, the work just never seems to end, and some days that means staring at a computer screen for more hours than I’d really like to think about. I started my Sunday with coffee and working on the blog. I fear that I have been falling behind, so I had to spend some time catching up both writing the posts and getting them online so that they are ready to post when the time comes. Before long it was time for me to sign on to my work-work for the day. Sundays are good days for catching up on things that are too hard to do when you have meetings and get calls interrupting your focus time. I actually feel like they are quite productive work days for me, and that I can get more done in fewer hours when I actually have the opportunity to just focus. Plus, today was a rainy day, so at least I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything fun while I stared at a computer all day! Monday 9/19

In Memory of our Breeze (Breezey-pottomus)

πŸ’œ May 15, 2012 - Jan 19, 2023πŸ’œ

I may be a crazy dog mom and take way too many photos, but it's moments like these that I'm glad I did. 

🌴Pura Vida Breezy Girl πŸ•


  1. Great pictures!!!❤️❤️

  2. Great pictures, great memories!!!Breeze is beautiful! I am so sorry, she will certainly be missed by all the lives she touched including all her puppy pals. 🫢🏻

  3. Ah Breezy! She lived a good, full life…albeit too short. Hugs to you guys! ❤️Taryn

  4. Beautiful dog pictures!

  5. So lovely to see Breeze as a puppy and so many images of what a happy dog she was and the great life she had. They bring us so much love and joy - our sympathies on your tremendous loss. Love Karen and Dennis

  6. ♥ all the pictures!! They are such a part of the family. So hard to see them go 😒 Lot's of good memories 🐢❤ Debbie from the 'ol hood 😁


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